1Broker Trading App for Windows


***NOTE: 1Broker recently updated their API. Any new API keys generated are only compatible with their v2.0 API endpoints.

Download the beta 2.0 of app that is compatible with the new v2.0 of 1broker's API and new keys will work

Download here

SHA-256 hash: A73B112775CF311C225C6FF0F0401BBE71B59EA2330562FE25FAFA871CEB1C5B

What is 1Broker?

1Broker is a site that has been operating since 2012 which is purely bitcoin based and offers Contract for Differences (CFDs). You deposit your bitcoins and then you can use those BTC to leverage and take positions in various Forex pairs, commodities like gold and oil, stocks like Tesla and Google, and even Crypocurrency like BTCUSD.

The most powerful feature of 1Broker is the leverage that they offer, up to 200x on FX pairs, up to 20x on commodities and gold, and 5x on BTCUSD. You pay interest for this leverage, of course, in addition to the spread that 1Broker offers. There is no orderbook for you to make bids and offers into, because 1Broker takes the other side of your trades.

Despite being anonymously owned and offering no KYC/AML, it has a track record of NEVER being hacked and always making good on issues with customers on the service. They have a stellar reputation, which as made me glad to write an app in Windows that utilizes it.

If you don't have an account at 1Broker yet, sign up first (referral link).



Get up and running in less than 5 minutes after you have your 1Broker account set up.

Follow these three basic steps and you'll be trading the global markets with bitcoin on the Windows Trading App in no time:

Step 1: Download and check integrity of the App

Softonic who has approved the app as safe and virus free (PLEASE STILL CHECK THE HASH TO MAKE SURE IT IS REAL!)

CNET who has approved the app as safe and virus free (PLEASE STILL CHECK THE HASH TO MAKE SURE IT IS REAL!)
By downloading you agree not to alter and republish the app as if it is your own. Feel free to use parts of it in your own project, but do not just copy the whole thing. The source is viewable so users can feel secure that there is no keylogger or sneaky code in there, please don't abuse it.

Download Newest v1.01 here (Austerity Sucks host)
21 Mar, 2016
SHA-256 hash: 37C03070E4CE7E8332690A2BE5AFD1D7BD62BE507079288B36CA90DF5DD3F5FF

Old version v1.0
17 Mar, 2016
SHA-256 hash: 54B70B6AC755E64361EE45ACC16D7A6FAE089DE53AE345A005593CAEC0C43C68

Verify the SHA-256 hash for the version you download

Use online tool like OnlineMD5 to check that the file you are using is the REAL trader. Beware of imposters/malicious links.

Step 2: Generate 1broker API key

After you have logged in to 1Broker, go to "Account Settings" link in the menu and generate your API key to allow for Windows Application to communicate with 1Broker using your account.

Step 3: Input the Key into the 1Broker App so it can function

Take the key from Step #2, copy it, and go into the Windows App and click File -> Set API Key.

Enter the key in the dialogue box that pops up to prompt for input of API Token.


Some browsers like Chrome will complain because the program doesn't have the expensive digital signatures and is not "commonly downloaded":


This app is NOT endorsed or associated directly with 1Broker or its owners. I have created this independently and utilize the 1Broker API and other features, but 1Broker is _not_ responsible for anything with this app.

There's no decompile protection on the binary, so feel free to open the code and explore it yourself. It's just low-quality C# .NET code :).

Withdrawals can NOT be done through the API. In the worst case scenario if you misplace your API key or think it is a malicious program, then it can only make bad trades, not steal your money.

This app is still in testing and improvement. Any issues or comments contact swapman on Twitter or Telegram. I'm also always online at Whalepool's Teamspeak if you want to talk on audio with me at ts.whalepool.io once you download the client. I will gladly add features that are good and not too difficult to implement :)

NB: The app utilises a referral ID override feature in 1Broker's API on order creation which goes toward funding further development. It does not cost the user anything, it only takes part of 1Broker's fees as in the normal referral program.

If you'd like to donate to my efforts, send to this address: